Rethinking Data Science (ReDS) 

Advances in causal inference and statistical learning

DiSIA represents a relevant national and international center for the disciplines involved in knowledge production based on the intense use of data to support decision-making processes.

Project of Excellence of DiSIA Department

ReDS, the 2023-2027 project of excellence, will lead the DiSIA to become an international hub for the statistical and causal analysis of complex data; the project will result in training a new generation of Data Scientists.


  • Symposium on Causality – 26-27 September 2024
    Florence, Italy A special , interdisciplinary, international Symposium on Causality will organized by the Department of Statistics, Computer Sciences and Applications of the University of Florence in collaboration with the Harvard Data Science Initiative, the European University Institute, and other stakeholders.
  • Data Research Camp – July 15th to 18th 2024
    The Data Research Camp of the Department of Statistics, Computer Science, Applications at the University of Florence is a free 4-day event taking place in Florence. It is designed to allow young scholars to explore Statistics and Data Science to extract new knowledge from data. Participants will work in teams under the guidance of senior researchers with significant expertise in various areas of statistics.”