The researchers at DiSIA are engaged in and receive funding for numerous research projects focused on the development and application of statistical methods for complex data and causal inference in domains of interest to the Department, such as demography, social sciences, economic phenomena, medicine, and epidemiology. Here are presented the projects funded as of 2023, starting year of ReDS.

Complex graphical models for biological network science

PRIN-2022, Unifi
UNIFI Research Unit:
Francesco C. Stingo
Project is lead by th University of Florence
(PI: Francesco C. Stingo), in collaboration with Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Local PI: G. Consonni), University of Padua (Local PI: A. Roverato), and University of Palermo (Local PI: L. Augugliaro)
UniFI personnel:
F.C. Stingo (PI), M. Lupparelli, A. Gottard, A. Panzera, G. Poli, C. Busatto, L. Focardi Olmi