Launching of Harvard Data Science Review

On July 2, 2019, Harvard Data Science Review launched its first and digital version, which can be viewed here


Just as a sample, the first issue of the open access digital edition features an editorial by Alan Garber, Harvard Provost, on the essential knowledge of data science for educated citizens; a trio of articles on perspectives of data and data science from three scholars respectively from social science, humanities and science; an industry perspective on the importance of balancing prediction and inference for business decision making; a trio of articles on the nature and history of artificial intelligence and its roles in society;  an interview with the co-chairs of a National Academies of Science report on undergraduate education in data science, as well as more technical articles such as authorship attribution of Lennon-McCartney songs (check out the interactive musical features!). The “From the Editor-in-Chief” piece by Xiao-Li Meng, the inaugural editor of HDSR, provides a brief summary of both the missions of HDSR and the 14 articles in the first issue.