Scholarships for enrolling in master’s degrees in Data Science at the University of Florence!

The University offers incentives to students interested in enrolling in some master’s degree courses.

Two calls have been published by the Department of Statistics, Computer Science and Application “G. Parenti”, expiring on 5 November 2021.

In the first (go to the announcement) there are 2 prize grants of 3,000 euros for those who want to enrol in the master’s degree in Computer Science – Data Science curriculum. In the second call, there are 10 scholarships, again of 3,000 euros each, for those who intend to enrol in the master’s degree in Statistics and Data Science (go to the call).

The selection is intended for Italian or foreign students who have obtained a first-level degree abroad, for students residing outside the region and for those with qualifications obtained from other Italian universities.

For more information about the Master Degree Programs in Data Science see our page on Educational offers around the topic of Data ScienceĀ