“With the machines now we are also able to translate hieroglyphs” – newspaper article

With the machines now we are also able to translate hieroglyphs

Il Messaggero, 4th October 2021

Andrea Barucci, researcher at IFAC-CNR Institute of Applied Physics, Director of the School of Artificial Intelligence in Health for People Well-being and fellow of the Florence Center for Data Science has been interviewed by the Il Messaggero to explain how artificial intelligence can be used to translate hieroglyphs. Together with other researchers, Andrea Barucci was able to prove that machine learning neural networks are able to translate hieroglyphs.

If you are interested, you can find more information in the edition of the 4th of October of the Il Messaggero or online in the article published last week by Wired.it


Article from Paolo Travisi, “Con le macchine ora traduciamo anche i geroglifici”, II Messagero, 4th October 2021, p. 19