Call for multiple PhD scholarships for research on “green” and “innovation” topics at Unifi!

The call for admissions to multiple PhD scholarships for research on “green” and “innovation” topics at the University of Florence is now open!

The grants are intended for PhD programs on innovation, digital and enabling technologies (Action IV.4 PON Research and Innovation) and on “green” issues relating to the conservation of the ecosystem, biodiversity, as well as the reduction of climate change impact and the promotion of sustainable development (Action IV.5 PON Research and Innovation). The PhD programs involve an interchange between research and industry with periods of study and research in enterprises from a minimum of six to a maximum of twelve months.

Deadline for application: 25th October 2021 at 12.00 CEST

All the information about admission requirements and specific scholarships are available at this link

PhD positions are available within the PhD programme in Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, the PhD programme in Information Engineering and the PhD programme in Development Economics and Local Systems (DELOS). Here below you can find the titles of the scholarships and the principal investigator in charge of the scholarship. More detailed information on these specific scholarships is available at this link  PON PhD.

PhD programme in Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics

  • Mathematical models and methods for image processing for diagnosis in agriculture and for building energy surveys – GIANLUCA VINTI
  • Food choice and global health – MICHELA BACCINI
  • Innovative 3D techniques for marine environmental monitoring through drone swarms – CARLOTTA GIANNELLI
  • How to reduce the digital divide among older people: an approach based on offline social networks – BRUNO ARPINO

PhD programme in Information Engineering

  • Advanced Machine Learning Approaches for in vehicle driving assistance and predictive vehicle maintenance – FABIO SCHOEN
  • Fleet management methods of e-vehicle, with machine learning techniques, explainable artificial intelligence and IoT, for the reduction of maintenance costs and environmental impact – PAOLO NESI
  • What-if analysis methods for responding to unexpected environmental and non-environmental events, with explainable artificial intelligence and IoT techniques, to increase the resilience of urban and rural systems –  PAOLO NESI
  • Power quality improvement in electrical networks for resilience and energy transition – FRANCESCO GRASSO
  • Environmental, electrical safety, performance and electromagnetic compatibility qualification and impact on the power supply network of the battery recharging systems of electric vehicles – CARLO CAROBBI
  • Smart distributed sensing for management, monitoring and forecasting of power production and distribution in highly renewable penetrated systems – GABRIELE MARIA LOZITO / FRANCESCO GRASSO

PhD programme in Development Economics and Local Systems (DELOS)

  • Digital innovation and green economy for the sustainable transition. Focus on creative industries and gamification – LUCIANA LAZZARETTI
  • Environmental sustainability and social inclusiveness of blockchain-based solutions in the agri-food system – DONATO ROMANO