A new international agreement with Rice University


There is a new study-abroad opportunity for undergraduates, doctoral students and researchers from the University of Florence who want to visit Rice University in Houston, Texas, expanding their knowledge on statistics and data science.




The agreement has been stipulated between the Department of Statistics, Computer Science, Applications (DiSIA) at University of Florence and the Department of Statistics at Rice University, with the aim to enrich research and teaching programs, strengthening the connection between both institutions.


Francesco Stingo, the initial program coordinator at the University of Florence, had the opportunity to study and work at Rice University “Rice campus is located within the city of Houston, a vibrant and cosmopolitan metropolis. Rice is well-known for both teaching and research; while at Rice, I learned a lot from both excellent faculty and national and international classmates. I greatly benefited form this experience, both professionally and personally.”

The visiting exchange program encourage professors, researchers and PhD students from both universities to promote seminars, courses, conferences, lectures, joint research projects and discussions of common interest” stated Carla Rampichini, Head of DiSIA and Alessandra Mattei, representative of the international university agreements for DiSIA.


On this occasion Marina Vannucci, now Noah Harding Professor of Statistics at Rice University who earned the Ph.D. degree in Statistics at the University of Florence, will deliver a short-course to DISIA Ph.D. students and will held the Data Science Christmas Lecture on 16th December at the Florence Center for Data Science.