Sir David Cox, 1924-2022

The Florence Center for Data Science mourns the death of professor Sir David Cox, who passed away last month on January 18th.



David Cox has been a great statistician, and with his pioneering studies became one of the most important of the last century.

His work on binary logistic recession, the proportional hazard models and the Cox process, named after him, influenced generations of researchers.


His legacy in the academic world will not be forgotten.


We want to remember him by the words of Anna Gottard, our deputy director, to whom David Cox has been a mentor and a friend.


“ I will miss so much Sir David Cox, his kindness and his support. A great inspiration. I will keep you in my heart, David.”



Photograph (c) Jane Bown.


Here’s the sad news from the Royal Statistical Society and from the Nuffield College, where he was warden before his retirement in 1994.