Grant for “Analysis of clinical data and radiomic features on a cohort of COVID19 patients”

The Florence center for Data Science is glad to announce the opening of  a selection to award a grant for carrying out research activity at the DISIA Department of Statistics, Computer Science, Applications “G. Parenti

The research will aim to find a predictive model for the disease outcome in COVID19 patients enrolled within the OPTIMISED project (Bando Salute Regione Toscana), based on clinical data, biochemical indicators, and radiomic features deriving from CT and lung ultrasounds. The analysis will focus on algorithms suitable for a context in which the number of variables exceeds the number of patients: penalized regression methods (Ridge, Lasso, Elastic net regression), tree-based algorithms and machine learning techniques that rely on boosting procedures. The algorithm with the best predictive performance will be selected through cross-validation, specifying loss functions that attribute different consequences to first and second kind errors (false positives and false negatives). After model selection, the focus will be on determining the variables with the greatest predictive power. Before data analysis, a multiple imputation procedure for the imputation of missing data will be performed.

Title: “Analysis of clinical data and radiomic features on a cohort of COVID19 patients

Research Supervisor: Prof.ssa Michela Baccini

Disciplinary-scientific sector: MED/01.

Duration of the grant: 12 months renewable up to 6 years as stated by law (art.22 L.240/2010)

Requirements: ideal candidates have obtained a post graduate degree in Physics (LM-17), or Information Engineering (LM-32), or Computer Science (LM-18), or Statistics (LM-82), or Biomedical Engineering (LM-21) or Mathematics (LM-40)

Submission of the application: by email or from a certified address to .

Deadline: 03rd March 2022

Interviews:  Wednesday 16th March 2022 at 10 a.m in videoconference

For further details on the grant, the application procedure, and other formal requirements, download the call (in Italian)