DIMAI: Dini Mathematics Colloquium – 31st of March at 2.30 pm

The first “Dini Mathematics Colloquium” is scheduled for Thursday 31st March at 2.30 pm, it will be held by Prof. Alfio Quarteroni (Polimi – EPFL).

TitlePhysics-based and data-driven mathematical models for the simulation of the heart function

Abstract: This seminar focuses on machine learning (the computers’ ability to learn based on training from large data sets) and computational science (the use of mathematical models originated from fundamental principles of physics) in solving mathematical problems of interest in real life. Similarities and differences, potentials, and limitations are discussed, as well as the enormous possibilities offered by their synergistic use. The driving application will be the simulation of the cardiac function, in both physiological and pathological regimes

You can participate by using the form you find at this link https://forms.gle/6ee2TXYbPG6axHCBA
On the morning of March 31, everyone will receive a link to a Webex meeting via email to join remotely.