Call for “New challenges in data mining and artificial intelligence”

The Florence center for Data Science is glad to announce the opening of  a selection to award a grant for carrying out research activity at the DISIA Department of Statistics, Computer Science, Applications “G. Parenti

Title: “New challenges in data mining and artificial intelligence

Research Supervisor: Prof. Bruno Bertaccini

Duration of the grant: 12 months starting from 01/07/2022, renewable up to 6 years as stated by law (art.22 L.240/2010)

Requirements: ideal candidates have obtained a post graduate degree in Statistics (LM-82), Economic and financial Statistics (91s) or Statistics for experimental research (92s), or Information Engineering (LM-32 or 35/s), or Computer Science (LM-18 or 23/s), or Methods for the analysis of complex systems (48/s)

Submission of the application: by email or from a certified address to .

Deadline: 06th May 2022 – 1:00 PM

Interviews:  Wednesday 9th June 2022 at 11 a.m at the DISIA department in Viale Morgagni 59, Firenze.

Description: Various socio-economic contests are the typical field in which enormous amounts of data and information of high dimensionality arise. This type of information, generally referred to as Big Data, requires analysis techniques that involve the use of high computational complexity algorithms and infrastructures dedicated to intensive computing.

In this context, Statistics and Computer Science find an asymptotic convergence in the new frontiers of Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence also thanks to the parallel availability of HPC systems. HPC systems are clusters of computers, called nodes, interconnected by a dedicated high-performance network, where each node has multiple processors that single the same central memory unit and processor has multiple processing units. Such infrastructures today make it possible what was theoretically conceivable a few years ago.

Aim of this project is the implementation and development of DM and AI algorithms aimed at discovering new methods and models of analysis, with particular attention to has in place both with other Departments of the University and with external institutions, such as the Opera del Duomo and FirenzeSmart.

The research fellow must therefore have algorithmic programming skills in the field of DM and AI and in the field of statistical methods of analysis.

For further details on the grant, the application procedure, and other formal requirements, download the call (in Italian)