American Causal Inference Conference 2022

Our Director Fabrizia Mealli just came back from the American Causal Inference Conference, hosted in UC Berkeley, CA, from 23th to 25th of May.

The American Causal Inference Conference – ACIC– is the oldest and largest meeting for causal inference research and practice, bringing together hundreds of participants from a range of disciplines since 2004. 

“It was first named the Atlantic Causal Inference Conference and included a few “aficionados” working on causal inference around relevant figures in the field like Don Rubin and Jamie Robins, mostly based on the East Coast of the United States. The “A” now stands for American and ACIC 2022 involved 700 participants from all over the world!” says Fabrizia Mealli. “Something similar happened in Europe, signalling the importance of Causality and Causal Inference in Science: the UK Causal Inference Meeting is now the European Causal Inference Meeting (EuroCIM). The first edition of EuroCIM took place in Florence in 2018″

After the pandemic postponed both the 2020 and 2021 meetings, ACIC 2022 has been an great opportunity to bring together researchers, students, and practitioners of causal inference engaging with this rapidly expanding field and with the many people advancing the theory, methodology, and application of causal inference.

From the left: Elizabeth Stuart, Guido Imbens, Luke Keele, Fabrizia Mealli, Jas Sekhon. Pic by Avi Feller.

Some of the exponents of the field were happy to meet each other again: Elizabeth Stuart, Professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the 2021 Nobel Prize Winner in Economic Sciences Guido Imbens, Professor of Economics, Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, Luke Keele, Professor of Statistics in Surgery, Perelman School of Medicine and President of the Society for Causal Inference, University of Pennsylvania, our director Fabrizia Mealli, and Jas Sekhon, Professor of Political Science and Statistics and Data Science at Yale University. 

We thank Avi Feller, Professor of Public Policy and Statistics at University of California, who took this photo, co-chair of ACIC 2022 with Maya Petersen, Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at University of California, Berkeley.


From the left: Laura Forastiere, Fabrizia Mealli, Veronica Ballerini

But there has also been the chance of building bridges between people to do research together. 

Laura Forastiere Professor at the Department of Biostatistics at Yale School of Public Healthreceived her Ph.D. in statistics with the supervision of our director Fabrizia Mealli, and Veronica Ballerini, who is currently working with her as a Post-doc fellow at the Department of Statistics, Data Science and Applications “G. Parenti” of the University of Florence.