Call for multiple PhD scholarships (PNRR) at Unifi!

The call for admissions to multiple PhD scholarships (PNRR) at the University of Florence is now open!

These are additional scholarships focused on specific topics in collaboration with Industry and Public Administration.

Deadline for application: 8th August 2022 at 12.00 CEST

All the information about admission requirements and specific scholarships are available at this link

PhD positions are available within the PhD program in Information Engineering and the PhD program in Development Economics and Local Systems (DELOS). Below you can find the titles of the scholarships and the principal investigator in charge of the scholarship. More detailed information on these specific scholarships is available at this link  PNRR PhD.


PhD programme in Information Engineering

  • Study of physiological correlates acquired through wearable systems
  • Advanced Doppler echographic methods

PhD programme in Development Economics and Local Systems (DELOS)

  • Effects on socio-demographic, nutrition and health indicators of health reforms and exogenous environmental, economic and conflict shocks
  • Learning and transfers of regional digital transition policies
  • Micro-macro modeling for development policy simulations and impact analysis