FDS Research Groups on COVID-19

Over the last few weeks breaking news on the spread of COVID-19 are continuously flooding us through media and social media. People around the world impatiently wait for the daily news from the official authorities and tensely browse social media in the hope to read about a big scientific discovery that allows to flatten the COVID-19 pandemic.

Data scientists have taken on this important challenge and are intensely working on approaching the COVID-19 pandemic from a data science perspective.

An increasing amount of data is available day by day, but a critical issue is about whether the available data is enough to draw conclusions. Unfortunately, data quality is not perfect: data collected from different sources are often partial and dirty and difficult to harmonize. Nevertheless, data scientists from different fields, including statistics, computer science, mathematics, engineering, and epidemiology are closely working together to draw some data-driven results that can help the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and provide policy recommendation.

Aa members of the Florence Center for Data Science, we want to contribute to the discussion, by creating this web-page where we aim to provide a constantly up-to- date review of the existing working groups on COVID-19, in Italy and abroad, and the work that data scientists are producing through papers, technical reports and software. We aim to scientifically contribute to the debate on the COVID-19 pandemic by sharing and publishing our own work. A group of us are analyzing data on the COVID-19 by using predictive models, which may provide useful insights on the on the COVID-19 pandemic. An important objective of our research group is to clearly explain advantages and drawbacks of the available data, and the assumptions underlying the analyses and their implications, and thus, to clarify how results should be interpreted and the messages we can get from them.

FDS & Unifi activity on COVID-19

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