Steering Committee


Domenico Colucci
Experimental, behavioral and computational economics, expectation formation and heterogeneous agents.
Biosketch: Domenico Colucci is Professor of Mathematical methods for economic analysis. PhD in Mathematics for Economic Decisions at Pisa University. His research focuses on experimental, behavioral and computational economics.
Federica Ielasi
Areas of expertise: banking, financial markets, fintech
Biosketch: Federica Ielasi is Professor of Banking. PhD in Financial Markets and Institutions. Her research focuses on bank-firm relationship, credit risk, responsible investments, innovative financing and fintech. She is author of international publications in the field of banking management, corporate banking, risk management and ethical finance.
Giorgio Ricchiuti
Areas of expertise: Heterogenous Agents Models, Non-linearities, Bounded Rationality, International Macro-Economics, Applied Econometrics, Industrial Organization
Biosketch: Giorgio Ricchiuti is an Associate Professor in Political Economy at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Florence (Italy) where he teaches Macroeconomics and Computational Economics. Since the beginning of 2016, he is also fellow of the Complexity Lab in Economics (CLE) at Catholic University in Milan. His research is focused on both empirical and theoretical analysis in International and Industrial Economics, with a focus on Computational Economics. The empirical research - within NNTT empirical literature - has been regarding on how different modes of internationalization - mainly FDI - affect productivity, sales and firms’ survival probability. While in theoretical analysis, he has been focusing on dynamic models with heterogeneous agents and bounded rationality in financial markets (within the HAMs literature), on the market structure when the demand is unknown, and new sources of heterogeneity (credit/liquidity constraints) among firms with different modes of internationalization.