Steering Committee


Fabrizia Mealli
DISIA – Director
Areas of expertise: causal inference, missing data, Bayesian data analysis.
Biosketch: Fabrizia Mealli is Professor of Statistics. Her research focuses on causal inference, program evaluation, estimation techniques, simulation methods, missing data, and Bayesian inference, with applications to the social and biomedical sciences. She serves as coordinator of the Statistics track for the PhD program in Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics of the University of Florence, and sits the Steering Committee of the European Causal Inference Meeting. She is Elected Fellow of the American Statistical Association, and currently an associate editor of “The Annals of Applied Statistics,” and the “Journal of the American Statistical Association, T&M.”
Michele Boreale
Areas of expertise: formal models and methods for security; formal models and methods for continuous systems
Biosketch: Michele Boreale is associate professor of Computer Science. His research concerns theoretical aspects of Computer Science, and in particular: models for quantitative information flow analysis, also based on Information Theory; algebraic and coalgebraic methods for continuous and hybrid systems. He has served as a PC member in several major conferences in theoretical Computer Science, including ICALP and CONCUR; has has also served as a PC chair of FORTE'13.
Anna Gottard
DISIA – Deputy director
Areas of expertise: multivariate models, graphical models, statistical learning
Biosketch: Anna Gottard is associate professor of Statistics at DiSIA, University of Florence. Her current research interest concerns interpretable machine learning, tree-embedded models, mixture models under latent uncertainty and graphical models for angles and directional data.