Carlotta Giannelli
Areas of expertise: computer aided geometric design, approximation theory, isogeometric analysis
Biosketch: Carlotta Giannelli is Associate Professor of Numerical Analysis at DIMAI, University of Florence. Her primary research interests focus on computer aided geometric design, spline methods and related application areas, isogeometric analysis. She is in the scientific committes of the International Conference on Geometric Modeling and Processing and the International Conference on Isogeometric Analysis. She currently serves as Program Director of the SIAM Activity Group on Geometric Design.
Francesca Romana Nardi
DIMAI – Deputy director
Probability theory and statistical mechanics. Metastability for interacting spin and particle systems. Probabilistic Cellular Automata. Random graphs.
Nardi Francesca R. is Associate Professor of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics at DIMAI, University of Florence. She previously held academic positions at TU/e. Her main research interests are in probability theory, statistical mechanics. Applications that motivate her research are 1) statistical physics of equilibrium: phase diagrams and phase transitions; 2) probabilistic models for the study of dyamical phenomena: metastability in interacting spin and particle systems; probabilistic cellular automata, the spread of epidemics over network for moving populations; delay performance in random access networks, transition time asymptotics of queue-based activation protocols in random-access networks; 3) cut-off phenomena, mixing times and random graphs. She serves in ``collegio docenti’’ for the PhD program in Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics of the University of Florence. She is participating as research fellow since 2007 in ``Random Spatial Structures'' at EURANDOM TU/e Eindhoven (NL) and as research fellow since 2017 in ``Data Science Center Eindhoven'' at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (NL).
Vincenzo Vespri
Areas of expertise: Partial Differential Equations, Industrial Mathematics, Blockchain Technology.
Biosketch: Vincenzo Vespri is Professor of Mathematical Analysis. His research focuses on structural properties of Partial Differential Equations and Industrial Mathematics (applications in Finance, Telecomunications and Blockchain technology). He is currently editor in chief of Open Mathematics, and an associate editor of NonLinear Analysis, Financial Mathematics and Applications, J. Math. Anal. and Mathematical Problems in Engineering. He will be the sherpa for the Italian Government for the meeting of G7-Science about AI that will be held in Paris in June.