Domenico Colucci
DISEI – Deputy director
Area of expertise: Behavioral and experimental economics, Economic dynamics.
Biosketch: Domenico Colucci is associate Professor of Mathematics for Economics at DISEI, Univ. of Florence. His research is mostly concerned with experimental, behavioral and computational economics, expectation formation and heterogeneous agents.
Federica Ielasi
Areas of expertise: banking, financial markets, fintech
Biosketch: Federica Ielasi is Professor of Banking. PhD in Financial Markets and Institutions. Her research focuses on bank-firm relationship, credit risk, responsible investments, innovative financing and fintech. She is author of international publications in the field of banking management, corporate banking, risk management and ethical finance.
Maria Grazia Pazienza
Areas of expertise: public finance, energy use, microsimulation models
Biosketch: Maria Grazia Pazienza is Associate Professor of Public Finance. Her research focuses on the effect of taxation on firms and consumers decisions by using microdata.