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Data science lies at the intersection of statistical, mathematical and computer sciences and has grown with domain and application-specific expertise. The challenge is now how to govern intrinsic complexities and intelligence in data science and big data problems, how to fill the gaps in and opportunities for data science research by bridging scientific and intellectual domains.

The Florence Center for Data Science is a joint effort of four Departments of the University of Florence, representing a rare, if not unique, balancing of statistical, mathematical, computer sciences, computer engineering and application-specific expertise. It has been envisaged with the goal of interconnecting and aggregating academic disciplines involved in several aspects of Data Science, to give rise to new methodologies and to develop ground-breaking real-world applications.

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Data Research Camp

Join the Data Research Camp (DiSIA – University of Florence): 4-day meeting for young scholars to be held in Florence, from 15 to 18 July 2024!! — The Data Research …